10 Facts About the Dangerous Album and Era

 10 Facts About the Dangerous Album and Era

1. Dangerous was the first album Michael did without Quincy Jones.

 After Michael was done with the Bad tour, he went right back to the studio to work on the Dangerous album. He had a three album contract with Quincy Jones and decided that since it was over, he no longer wanted to work with Quincy. According to the book Man and the Music The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson, Michael was not angry with Quincy. In fact as Brad Buxer, who is a songwriter and musician who worked with Michael in many of his albums

2. Michael donated the proceeds he made from the Dangerous World Tour to his then charity "Heal The World" Foundation. 

When Michael decided to go on tour for the Dangerous album, he only did it to fund his then charity, "Heal the World". 

3. Michael debuted the Dangerous dance routine on the 1993 American Music Awards. 

Michael performed the song "Dangerous" in the 1993 American Music Awards and the now classic dance routine for the song made its debut on the award show. 

4. Michael attended four awards shows in 1993: American Music Awards, Grammys, NAACP Awards and Soul Train Music Awards.

Speaking of award shows, Michael attended four award shows in 1993. That was the most he ever attended at that time. In the Grammy awards, he was honored with the Grammy Legend Award presented by his sister Janet. He was nominated for two awards that night but did not win. 

Michael was nominated for five American Music Awards and won two. 

5. Michael was going to make a movie about the Kings and Queens of Africa but was unable to. Instead, he made the "Remember the Time" short film.

 Apparently, Michael wanted to make a movie about the truth about Africa but that was rejected by Hollywood. It was because of that rejection, the short film, "Remember the Time" was made. A user by the name of Bleu posted on the website stated the whole story.

6. The Dangerous album was one the most anticipated albums of the 1990s. 

 "Dangerous was one of the most anticipated albums of the 1990’s- so much so that armed robbers stole approximately 30,000 copies when the first shipment arrived at the L.A. Airport. Dangerous received amazing reviews and went straight to number one in several countries; also becoming the highest selling album of 1992."

7. Michael's interview with Oprah in 1993 was seen by over 90 million people worldwide. 

 Michael did his famous, first sit down interview since 1980, with Oprah Winfrey. In the interview he talked about his childhood, his plastic surgery, his sexual life, his relationship with his father, his sister's Latoya's book, the crazy rumors and his skin disorder. This interview made Oprah a household name in an International level and the interview made various headlines all over the world.

8. The leotard that Michael wore on the Dangerous tour was made out of real gold. 

"Q: Was the gold that was use for the leotard from the Dangerous Tour and the gold outfit, gold pants from the History tour, real gold or gold plated? If so, how many karats?

AThe gold leotard was all gold spandex and it was called mirrored gold spandex.  The other costume was 18K gold plated."

9. The song "Heal the World" is a world anthem.   

We live in a time where it is common for people to go through some type of horror in their countries, communities, cities, counties and nations. Whether the horror is inner city violence, war, the government enforcing harm to their citizens, or terrorist attacks, "Heal the World" is a song that covers the emotions of people who are trying to make sense of the tragedies

10. Michael cried when he was working on the song "Keep The Faith"


 The final weeks of the production for the Dangerous album was very stressful for Michael. He had a deadline to met and he had to deal with so much pressure from the record company and anxiety he felt while trying to get the song right got the best of him. Michael left the recording studio went to a room and started crying his eyes out.

Credit :michaelandthetruth

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