10 surprising facts about Michael Jackson

10 surprising facts about Michael Jackson


Michael notched up 28 UK Top 5 singles as a solo artist
28 Top 5 singles?! No biggie for the KoP. Michael's Top 5 success spans from 1974's Got To Be There all the way through to 2005's One More Chance, 31 years of incredible singles. Here's Michael's Top 5 list in full: *deep breath*
Got To Be There, Rockin' Robin, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, She's Out Of My Life, Beat It, Say Say Say, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror, Dirty Diana, Leave Me Alone, Remember The Time, Heal The World, Give In To Me, Scream, They Don't Care About Us, Why, Stranger In Moscow, HIStory/Ghosts, You Rock My World and One More Chance, plus his Number 1 singles One Day In Your Life, Billie Jean, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Black or White, You Are Not Alone, Earth Song and Blood on the Dancefloor. Throw in his appearance on USA For Africa's We Are The World and that's an eighth Number 1 and 29th Top 5 entry. AMAZING.


He demoed one of his biggest hits in a computer game

Michael was always one to throw a curveball, and this was a prime example. Michael and his touring keyboardist Brad Buxer has been asked to compose music for the SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive game, Sonic The Hedgehog 3, with Brad confirming the rumour in 2009. Although Mike eventually dropped out of the project, an early cut of Stranger in Moscow still features in the game's credits. Stranger in Moscow ended up becoming one of Michael's most personal tracks and hit Number 4 in 1996


Michael once had FOUR Top 5 albums at the same time

A few weeks after Michael's death on June 25th, 2009, fans were still purchasing his back catalogue in their droves. On July 12th that year, Michael's compilation The Essential was Number 1 while Off The Wall was Number 3, Thriller was Number 4 and Number 5 was occupied by The Motown Years. No act before or since has ever replicated this milestone, further proving that Michael was simply unstoppable.


Thriller was originally called Starlight

"GIVE ME SOME STARLIGHT!" Before Thriller became all about the grisly ghouls and werewolves, it was a much more uplifting number. Written by Michael alongside Rod Temperton, Starlight was born, but Michael wasn't all too keen, wanting to appeal a younger demographic. The song then took a terrifying twist, moving away from the interstellar theme toward the general undead Halloween vibe we all know and love. Michael's extraterrestrial curiosity wasn't over, however and Michael would revisit outer space four years later for his Captain EO movie.


His list of collaborators is… eclectic

The King of Pop wasn't known to collaborate often, but when he did, he got it bang on the money. Outside of his mega-collab with the rest of USA For Africa, Michael has had Top 40 success with his sister Janet Jackson, will.i.am, Slash, Akon, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Van Halen, Sir Paul McCartney, Rockwell, Siedah Garrett, Rockwell and even royalty in Princess Stephanie of Monaco, whose silky, and unmistakably regal, tones are the uncredited female vocals on In The Closet.


Whitney Houston and Michael nearly collaborated... THREE times

While we loved Whitney Houston's collab with Michael's brother Jermaine, the real event would've been a team-up with Michael himself (soz Jermaine). Michael originally wanted Whitney to sing Siedah Garrett's lines on I Just Can't Stop Loving You, but Whit's label Arista turned the duet down amid fears she would be overexposed, as she'd only just released her debut album. Overexposed! Imagine someone worrying about that in 2016!


Most simultaneous Top 40 singles? Michael Jackson of course

Another record Michael broke after his death was the most concurrent singles in the UK Top 40. On July 5th 2009, Michael logged 13 Top 40 singles, smashing Elvis' record of 7. The songs that returned to the top flight were Man In The Mirror (2), Billie Jean (10), Thriller (12), Smooth Criminal (13), Beat It (19), Black or White (25), Dirty Diana (26), They Don't Care About Us (32), Earth Song (33), The Way You Make Me Feel (34), You Are Not Alone (35), Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (38) and Bad (40)


He was happy to hand over potential hits to his siblings

We know Janet, we know Jermaine, we know LaToya, but what about Rebbie, the eldest of all the Jackson children? Michael, being the good brother that he was, wrote a song for her in the hope she could get some limelight of her own. Despite Michael's magic touch, and a guest appearance on backing vocals, the song was never a hit in the UK, but it should have been – what a bop. Thankfully, the US took to it better, where it peaked at Number 24. And then there's the video... wow. The lightning, the shimmying – need we go on?


The studio album with most Number 1s? It's not the one you think…

While Thriller is the world's best selling album and Bad is often praised as Michael's finest work, it's HIStory that features two Number 1 singles, more than any other of his studio collections can claim. HIStory spawned chart-topper You Are Not Alone and Earth Song, which is Michael's biggest selling single in the UK and his only million seller. Not only that, Earth Song was also the Official Christmas Number 1 in 1995.


Michael holds the Guinness World Record for Most Successful Entertainer of All Time

Imagine if Michael Jackson just casually popped into your office? Well this did in fact happen in 2006 when Michael visited Guinness World Records HQ in London. Michael had a tour of the building before sitting down in front of the entire workforce to receive the award for Most Successful Entertainer Of All Time. Legend may be an overused word, but when it comes to Michael, it's justly deserved.

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