8 Reasons We’re in LOVE with Blanket Jackson

8 Reasons We’re in LOVE  With Blanket Jackson 

  • The Boy Can Dance. Even though there’s something meta-creepy about Blanket performing “Billie Jean” and singing the chorus — “She says I am the one but the kid is not my son” — it still shows that at just 8 years old, he’s got the potential to become an awesome performer. A family friend said, “He could easily be the next Michael Jackson. He loved to dance with his dad and Michael taught him to do the moonwalk.” 

  • He’s The Funny One. Not only is Blanket adorable, he’s also the prankster of the family and has a habit of toting a water gun around. His uncle Jermaine says, “As soon as you turn your back, he shoots at you and you’re left soaking wet.” Sounds like we could get a “Punk’d” revival out of this one. 

  • He’s Not Afraid Of Heights. You might remember that the first time we saw Blanket was in 2002, when Michael Jackson was dangling him out of a Berlin hotel balcony, four stories above his gawking fans. Sure, it was terrifying and Jackson later called it a “terrible mistake,” but this is also how Jackson’s dumpling of a child was presented to us for the first time! And with that single act, he was guaranteed star power.

  • Even His Name Is Cute. Sure, his real name is Prince Michael Jackson II, but Michael started calling him Blanket ’cause he was obviously the cutest kid ever. When asked about the nickname, Michael said, “It’s an expression I use with my family, I say, ‘You should blanket me … you should blanket her with something, meaning a blanket is a blessing, it’s a way of showing love and caring.” 

  • He’s Got Some Fashion Skills. While Paris and Prince are both relatively preppy and put-together, Blanket looks like he dresses himself. He does the disheveled layering and casual ponytail like no one else. Hopefully, he’ll be inheriting all those partner-less gloves.

  • He’s Already A YouTube Sensation. Somehow, a few of Paris and Blanket’s homemade videos were “hacked” and “leaked” onto YouTube. Most of the videos are Blanket joking around with one of his cousins, or dancing to some of his dad’s music. One of the videos shows Blanket playing with an invisible light saber and quoting “Star Wars.” It’s hard not to imagine him reenacting the “Luke, I am your father” scene. 

  • His Godfather Is Oliver. Michael Jackson asked his longtime friend Mark Lester to be Blanket’s godfather. You might remember Lester as playing the title role in the original 1968 “Oliver!” movie. The two met in 1982 after seeing each other in teen magazines as child stars growing up at the same time. Michael was the godfather to Lester’s children as well. Hopefully, he didn’t teach Blanket to pick a pocket or two.
  • He’s The Next Karate Kid. All three of the kids take karate lessons and are at the same level, but since Blanket’s the youngest and may or may not be the child of a martial artist, he’s probably most likely to get a visit from Mr. Miyagi. Jaden Smith is cute and all, but it’s time to get Blanket on that road to success! 

credit :thefrisky

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