Here is the first song sung by Michael Jackson

 Here is the first song sung by Michael Jackson



"Big Boy" was the first song sung by Michael Jackson, performed and recorded with his brothers as "The Jackson Five" band. They began their career performing at talent contests, which they would often win. In 1967 Gordon Keith, owner of Steeltown Records, signed the band to six-month contract with him; in November of that year, at the Sunny Sawyer's Morrison Sound Studio in South Chicago, The Jackson Five - Jackie (16), Tito (14), Jermaine (12), Marlon (10) and Michael (9) - recorded "Big Boy", a song written by saxophonist Eddie Silvers, who at the time was playing in a group called the Soul Merchants and working as music director for Chicago R&B label One-derful Records. On B-side: "You've Changed", written by Jesse Reese. 

In the same session, the group recorded also "We Don't Have to Be Over 21", by Sherman Nesbary, and "Some Girls Want Me for Their Lover", authorship unclear.

"Big Boy" was released in January 1968, initially hand-sold by Michael and his brothers during their performances; two months later it was picked up for national ditribution by Atco, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records: sold well locally, it failed to register on any of Billboard's charts.

Michael Jackson made his debut as solo in later 1971, with "Got to Be There", a single released on October 7 under Motown Records label; on January 24, 1972, under the same name and the same label, his first solo studio album was released. It sold about 900,000 copies in the USA and over 3.2 million copies worldwide.

Interestings facts: The very first recording of "Big Boy" dates back to July 13, 1967, under the title "I'm a Big Boy Now". The Jackson Five had cut the track for Chicago's One-derful Records, playing all of their own instruments at the label's Tone Studios. This session had been all but forgotten until 2009, when guitarist Larry Blasingaine brought it to the attention of Jake Austen, a Chicago Reader writer who was researching a story about the Steeltown release.

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