Things That Michael Jackson Love the most

Michael Jackson's Favorites 

Colour(s) = Red and Black

Video's(of his) = Thriller + Smooth Criminal

Movies = Close encounters, 3rd King, Star Wars and E.T

Girls = Innocent and Pure

Food = Mexican

  Number = 7

Director = Steven Spielburg

First Love = Diana Ross

Dosen't do a lot = Watch T.V

Place = Disneyland


Most Comfortable = Neverland Vally Ranch

Ride at Disneyland = Pirates of the caribbean

Perfume = Opium

Drink = Orange Gatorade

Beforer he Performe's = He Prays

Animated Character = Pinocchio

Animal = Chimpanzees

Dosen't Like to wear = Jewellery

Book = The old man by the sea by Rip Van Winkle

Fan of = 3 Stooges

Want's to Live = South Africa

He's very Ticklish


Giraffes = Jabbar and his son

Elephant = Ali

Sheep = Mr Tibbs

Chimpanzees = Bubbles, Jesse, A.J, Max and Alex

Orangutan = Jerry

Lion = Buba

Boa Constrictorse = Muscles and Chrusher

Albino Boa Constrictor = Madonna(cos its blond'e)

Parrot = Ricky

Dear = Prince and Princess

Llamas = Louie and Lola

Other Animal's

Black Swans
Exotic Bird's
Minature Pony
Lot's of Cat's

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