Paris Jackson honours her dad MJ with seven piercings

Paris Jackson honours her dad Michael Jackson with Seven Piercings


After presenting at last week's Grammys, the 18-year-old budding actress has appeared on the cover of CR Fashion Book for its 10th issue.
In her interview, Paris told the magazine about her various piercings and how they relate to her late father Michael Jackson.

"I have seven piercings there for my father because that was his lucky number," she told the mag.
Now, the young actress is set to get a new tattoo – this time for her mum, Debbie Rowe.
The matching tattoos will mark the completion of Debbie's treatment for breast cancer, which she discovered in July 2016.

Paris and her mother recently reconnected after previously being estranged. Debbie told Entertainment Tonight that her daughter was her "rock" , and they're now exceptionally close.
Now, Paris has vowed to get matching tattoos with her mum.

"She's getting my zodiac sign, Aries, on the back of her neck," Paris revealed. "And I'm getting her sign, Sagittarius, on the inside of my ear."

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