MJ top 5 Dance Moves

 MJ top 5 Dance Moves


Pop symbol Michael Jackson was too referred to for his insane move moves as he was for his music. Putting on the little fedora, beaded gloves, lower leg cut pants and white shirt, so a considerable lot of superstars and fans have attempted to copy or get his moving style.

1. The crotch grab

The trademark pelvic push with the "Ow!" sound got to be distinctly synonymous with Michael Jackson. Stretch your right hand to the back and move your body to the left.

2. The Slide

Sliding your feet at one place and circling around yourself is the toughest move Jackson came up with. Very few have been able to perfect it!

3.The Kick

MJ's kick in the middle of a routine was a signal for audience to get excited more than they already were. It was literally a kick to boredom

4. 'Thriller' claws

This is the simplest move MJ created for those of us with left feet. Can't dance? No worries. Just make claws of your hands and wave them from one side to the other in the air. Look like a zombie and have fun.

5. The Moonwalk

 No explanation need for this one

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