What made Michael Jackson unique from any other music artist in history?

 What made Michael Jackson unique from any other music artist in history?

He is the most awarded singer of all time (735 awards +), has sold around 750 millions albums (depending of the source).
His concert were always sold out and breathtaking.
He break racial barrier (first black people to be aired on MTV, with the video of Billie Jean)
He was a great humanitarian and gave millions to charity
He had inspired and influenced so many artists (Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown,...)
He revolutionnize the way music video where made
He has the best selling album of all time (Thriller)

I think few people influenced so many areas of entertainment.

  • Dancing Ability. From what I understand, Michael Jackson is the only musician in the dancing hall of fame. Most of the time great artists have one world class skill, and if more, they are usually very good at it, but rarely the absolute best. Michael, in addition to having a profound voice to this day is the best dancer music has ever seen. He is also universally recognized as popularizing dance moves like the leg kick, moonwalk, and robot.

Note: After Michael’s iconic performance of “Billie Jean” on Motown 25th anniversary, Fred Astaire, who is one of the greatest dancers in world history contacted Michael and complimented him on his performance.

  • Vocal Dynamics. As a vocalist Michael was among the best. He had a very powerful voice and wide vocal range. His commitment to the art gave him many passionate vocal performances. His very childlike, androgynous voice also made him sound incredibly distinct. His vocal hiccups and mispronunciation of the word “come on”, intentionally saying “shamone” ensured that the listener would make no mistake of who they were listening to.

  • Music Videos. To my knowledge, three of the most iconic music videos are by Michael Jackson. He certainly didn’t invent music videos but he turned it into an art form. The “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal” music videos have conflated with America culture. His videos were always so well-choreographed and stimulating. By the 1980s and 90s, his videos would be watched by millions around the world upon its debut.

Note: On set of the Thriller music video with horror film director John Landis.

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