Why did Michael Jackson taped his fingers?

Why did Michael Jackson taped his fingers?

He actually started wearing the tape on his fingers before filming Moonwalker and any of the Bad Era videos, and explained in an interview why he wore them. The white tape catches the light so that when he preforms on stage, people  who are higher up and farther back can see his hands. 

Basically, it was a part of who he was, his trademark. Many artists will have noticeable traits to distinguish them from the others. The white socks and white tape were good eye catchers and would also be very visible during his concerts so people watching him perform would notice the movements of his hand and feet most of all.

Story I heard was he was on the set one day and he saw an electrician taping his fingers, which he thought looked cool, so he appropriated the look for his act. 

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credit : quora.com


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