Why did Michael Jackson's father abuse him? Did he ever forgive him?

Why did Michael Jackson's father abuse him? Did he ever forgive him?


I think a lot of why Michael's father abused him, had a lot to do with Joe himself. There is no excuse for what his father did to him. You don't beat your kid's into becoming the best, and what Joe did was not normal discipline, it was abuse! Michael had a inborn talent that his father did not have to beat out of him. Michael was just convinced by Joe that he did it for the good, how was it for the good? 

He messed Michael up for life. Michael always had mixed feelings for his father. One minute Michael would have an excuse for what his father did, and at other times he hated what was done to him, and threw insults at his father. 

Michael hated his father's way of how he did things, while being thankful to him for the things he taught them. Michael was never close to his father, he was afraid of him, and while Michael loved him, he could not forget the abuse done to him by Joe. Even after all of that, Michael still forgave his father. 

There are some children who could not have been treated like that and still forgive the parent, but Michael did.

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  1. It's sad what Michael Jackson dad did to him as he was growing up Michael Jackson did his best to be how he became I love Michael Jackson and his music he has a beautiful smile beautiful voice he is beautiful in every way he is caring loving kind and he is my hero he is handsome and sweet and sexy I wish he was still alive because he is the king of pop and I love him so much Rip Michael Jackson you are loved and missed