Did Blanket Jackson changed his name?

Did Blanket Jackson changed his name?

Blanket Jackson, third child of the late Michael Jackson, has reportedly changed his nickname  to “Bigi” after being the target of jokes and bullying.
Blanket did not officially change his name at all. It is still Prince Jr. But his nickname was Blanket. What you're probably hearing is him being called bigi which is the affectionate name that his close family uses now especially his siblings.

All the children had nick names growing up. Prince was called “apple head” because he had an extra large head as a young child and Paris was called “yup yup” I think because she always said yup instead of yes.
Prince did recently say that he doesn't even think of the name blanket much anymore. He calls him bigi. It's a very cute family tradition.

He allegedly chose the German name “Bigi” as his new moniker because it refers to someone who is “idealistic, sensitive, and inspirational.”

Blanket and his two siblings currently live with their grandmother, 85-year-old Katherine Jackson, and their cousin, 36-year-old TJ Jackson, in California

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