Did Michael Jackson used sing while performing ?

 Did Michael Jackson used sing while performing ?

When Michael was younger-10 to 28- he always sang while performing his strenuous dance moves at concerts. For some of his short films he did lip sync a great deal but never at live performances. Michael Jackson was a perfectionist in every way and didn't like the idea of “cheating” the audience out of anything no matter how demanding it was on him.
My understanding is that he changed his way of performing during the second leg of the Bad Tour in 1988. It wasn't that he decided that fooling the audience was now ok. Rather the opposite-he wanted to make sure that he was giving the audience his all, at every moment.

He came to realize that he could not perform both singing and dancing to his best ability if done at the same time during the most actively danced songs like billie jean or Smooth Criminal. So for the first time, in 1988 he began to lip synch while live on stage. The only more active song that he never lip synched to was Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’. Even though there is a lot of movement during that, there are more breaks between movements. Also, this was possibly his most personal favorite song of all and wanted to be as true to it as possible.

One of the most amazing and probably unrealistic goals that he had set for himself for the This Is It concerts was that he was going to live sing every single song. If he couldn't manage it at 30 I don't know how he planned to do it at 51. I think it was this type of ill advised planning Michael became involved with during his rehearsals that contributed greatly towards his horrific demise.

As a final note, Michael Jackson, also lip synched at most live performances during award shows if the songs called for very strenuous movement. But songs which took an incredible amount of energy- but did not contain minutes of intense choreography-he definitely performed live. An example of this was his amazing performance of Man In The Mirror at the 1988 Grammys. 

He also literally passed out on stage in Bremen Germany during his Dangerous Tour performing the same song. There was talk, of course, that he faked the whole thing but if you watch the footage carefully you can see a lot of pain on his face as well as looking very disoriented when being helped up by his stage manager.

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