How did Michael Jackson get discovered?


Michael Joseph Jackson, was one among 9 children ( 6 boys and 3 girls ) to Joseph and Katherine Jackson.
(You can see in the photo above - Michael is bottom left corner sitting on his knee ). The Jackson family lived in a industrial city called GARY in Indiana. MJ's father worked in a steel mill and was in a band who performed on weekends.

Making long story short, Jackson brothers were god gifted from the beginning itself, they formed a group and started performing locally. Michael Joined his elder brothers when he was just 5 year old.
They soon started winning competitions and started performing in neighboring cities as well.

One time in 1968, they were performing in Apollo there where Susan De Passe, A Motown (record company) executive discovered these young and very talented kids.
She asked her boss, Berry Gordy to audition them. Reluctant in the beginning, but he soon agreed to audition them.

(Video clip of their audition )

The kid in the front is 10 year old Michael Jackson singing and dancing to his idol James Brown's song I Gotta Feeling.

Berry Gordy loved them. They were signed as a group of five brothers. Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael. Their group got to know as Jackson 5.

After about 10 years of performing with his brothers, MJ went solo, released the album OFF THE WALL in 1978, and then THRILLER in 1982.
And well, the rest is history.
This is how Michael Jackson was discovered.

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