Michael Jackson : An Incredible Father

Michael Jackson : An Incredible Father

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards remembers the time Michael Jackson taught her to dance; she remembers holding his hand at the roller skating rink; she remembers that it was a "thriller" being friends with the King of Pop.
The reality TV star spoke about her friendship with Michael on "The Tomorrow Show."
"When I was a little girl I remember he taught me how to do the robot standing on my pool table in the den in my house," she said.

Kyle was friends with Michael at a young age when he was still with the Jackson 5. She saw him go onto become a global sensation and "an amazing father" to Prince, 20, Paris, 19, and Blanket, 15.
Michael, she said, was the "most loving, sweet, kind soul I've maybe ever met."
While reminiscing, she recalled the time she took Prince and Paris to the movies when they were young.

"I felt so much pressure. I went and took his kids to the movies with me, and I was so nervous, I'm thinking, you know, I mean there's body guards and everything. He was like, 'You're going to be fine, you're going with Auntie Kyle.' Just the sweetest. Him getting his daughter dressed, putting her little red shoes on and a sweater. Just the kindest soul," she said.

She added, "I remember going to the movies and I said, 'What do you guys want to have?' And she said, 'Can I have a Sprite?' And I said, 'Sure.' And she had to call her dad, and she's like, 'Is it okay if I have a Sprite? Is it okay if I have Skittles?' If people knew that side of him, just the sweetest, kindest man, such a great father."
Michael died in 2009 before seeing Kyle become a reality star. Asked what he would think of her on "Housewives," she said, "I think he would have loved it. He probably would have thought it was hilarious."

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