Paris Jackson New Look resembled Madonna from her 1987 movie Who's That Girl

Paris Jackson New Look resembled Madonna from her 1987 movie Who's That Girl  

She's been filming an unknown project for the past few days with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.And Paris Jackson upped the mystery around the shoot on Monday morning when she stepped out in Tarzana, California looking like she was on her way to a punk rock concert.

Michael Jackson's only daughter had her blonde hair up in knots for the very edgy look which featured black finger-less gloves, fishnet stockings and Doc Marten boots.

Beat it: Paris Jackson looked ready to rock on the set of her mystery project on Monday morning in Tarzana, California

The 19-year-old model rocked a plaid pleated miniskirt with a black top which featured plenty of cut-outs, exposing her many tattoos. 


In a behind-the-scenes snap she shared on Instagram, Paris shows a flash of her midriff as she puffs on a cigarette.
She captioned the photo 'Getting into character.'

Smokin: The model and actress said she was 'getting into character' in this picture

Before arriving to set, Paris documented her night, bemoaning her early call time. 
'I should have went to bed at 10 when I had the chance,' she spoke into camera for her Instagram story. 
Instead, she shared a photo of herself with the time stamp of 3:57am prior to her '5am call time.'  

Who's bad?: Paris looked tough as she stomped in her Doc Marten boots

Old school look: She joked about the amount of dark eyeliner she was wearing and how it reminded her of '8th grade', seen on the right in 2012

Once in the makeup chair, Paris showed herself getting eyeliner applied, adding that she hasn't 'worn this much eyeliner since 8th grade.' 
She seemed pleased with the final product, posting a happy photo of herself in the mirror after getting glam. 
Later in the day, Mean Girls actress Amanda Seyfried was seen on the same Tarzana set as Paris.

Final product: The actress seemed pleased with her hair style once she got into glam

'Normal human beings should not be awake right now,' she said in between puffs of a hand rolled cigarette. 
'Starbucks isn't even open right now,' she told her 1.2 million followers as she chatted with her manager Tom Hamilton. 
She shared a video of her zooming in on a Warner Brothers logo, offering fans the tiniest bit on insight on the project.

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