See why Neverland Ranch was so special to Michael Jackson

 See why Neverland Ranch was so special to Michael Jackson

In Michael's words, Neverland brought out the child inside everyone and made them feel free to do anything they wanted. Nestled into the rolling landscape of the Santa Ynez Valley, with its dramatic mountain ranges, flaxen-colored fields, and century-old live oaks, this irreplaceable estate exudes the ambience of a grand European manor while remaining an inviting, comfortable, livable oasis.
Formerly known as Neverland Ranch, the estate consists of approximately 2,700 acres and blends effortlessly with the natural surroundings. The land borders the Los Padres National Forest, providing the property with utmost privacy and serenity as well as an inspiring uninterrupted view. Meticulous landscaping — which includes lush formal gardens with seasonally changed plantings — provides vibrant color for much of the year.

The centerpiece of the ranch is a truly impressive 12,000-square-foot main residence, fashioned after the majestic manors that line the coast of Normandy. Tucked between two lakes and standing in the shade of towering trees, it is accessed via a stone bridge and circular motor court paved with indigenous stone.

I've seen footage of adults playing at Neverland having water balloon fights and everything else they normally wouldn't do because they'd be ridiculed somehow. It was a place built from Michael's heart, an effort to have some of his childhood back, a place to let the pain go away. Sometimes, when asked about sad things in his life, Michael would say: "I have Neverland though." It was a safe place to him and it just made you feel home. It was magic somehow:

Video of MJ Having Fun in NEVERLAND

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