WATCH Michael Jackson singing to people over the phone

WATCH Michael Jackson singing to people over the phone
Yes! you heard right . Michael Jackson used to sing to people over the phone.

The woman's he was close to he usually had long phone calls with them for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields and Lisa Marie Presley. If you search on YouTube you will find a video clip title “Michael Jackson sings acapella to Elizabeth Taylor” ( Which i have already attached in this post below ) of course in this clip you can see him singing during their phone call.

Other two women mentioned above also have admitted numerous times that they had long talks over phone with MJ during different occasions this was also suggested both anonymously and directly by Michale himself.

In fact, it's well-known that he would often wake his producers at all hours of the night by leaving answering machine messages in which he would sing different parts of songs as he created them in his head.

According to Raymone Bain (his former spokeswoman and general manager) he always answered her calls chanting part of Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. So he’d pick up and go “To the left, to the left.”

In this video, you can watch him sing to Elizabeth Taylor over the phone:

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