What type of relationship would Michael Jackson have wanted?

What type of relationship would Michael Jackson have wanted?

I believe that the most important factor for Michael in all relationships was truth. He was desperate to be loved for himself as a human being-not as a superstar. Don't get me wrong, he adored the adoration of his fans-they meant the world to him and I think that theirs was the only love he really trusted besides that of his mother and three children.

Michael would have wanted a relationship that was emotionally deep, fun, equal and real. He would have wanted to both offer and receive unconditional love. He was judged so unfairly and used by people until there was nothing left of him but an empty shell. And this was by people he actually trusted. By the time of his death, he was so fed up with the world. He had been forced in so many ways, by so many people to live a lonely and captive life. He would have given almost anything to find people who he could just be himself with.People who didn't expect myriads of favors from him.

As we know, children became both his saviors and destroyers. But he never gave up the chance to put a smile on any child's face because they always put a smile on his. He always stressed that after a hard day at the studio he loved nothing more than to come home and interact with his animals at Neverland. They asked no hard questions; they demanded nothing but love and respect. And that was all Michael demanded from those in his life that he allowed to become up close and personal.
Unfortunately, as Michael stated in his 1993 interview with Oprah, he could only count his true friends on one hand. And it's very possible that he didn't even have that many. It appears to me that the only two people who ever stuck by him through everything were Elizabeth Taylor and his makeup artist Karen Faye. And even both of them were paid- one in employment checks and the other in jewelry.

Am I cynical about this part of his life? You bet I am. For someone as gifted and good a person as Michael Jackson, he deserved much better friendships-romantic and otherwise-than he received. He would chalk it bravely up to the price of stardom but you could see the pain in his eyes when he would talk about the endless loneliness he endured throughout his 50 years on this planet.
One thing that pisses me off the most as relates to this topic are all the people who claimed to have been Michael's good friends after he was gone. They were no where near him during his hardest times yet suddenly were his best friends. The only person to be really honest in this regard was, of all people, Madonna. She spoke at the 2009 VMAs about him and was able to admit that “we all let him down”.

I apologize if I've gone off topic here and there but I get worked up about the phoniness that surrounded Michael Jackson in this regard. He deserved better, much better.

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