Happy Birthday Katherine and Jackie Jackson

Happy Birthday Katherine and Jackie Jackson

Katherine Jackson born Kattie B. Scruse 5/4/30 Clayton, Alabama.

Jackie Jackson born Sigmund Esco Jackson 5/4/51, Gary Indiana.

Katherine’s name was changed to Katherine Esther when she was four.

Katherine contracted polio when she was 2 and has a permanent limp.

Katherine’s family moved to Indiana when she was 4, she aspired to be a country singer.

Katherine married Joe Jackson in 1949 and had 10 children including a set of twins, Marlon and Brandon, the latter died hours after birth.

Katherine sang in a band with Joe who played the guitar.

Jackie is the oldest boy of Katherine and Joe, the second oldest child.

The Jackson Brothers were formed in 1964 with Jackie, Tito and Jermaine.

Marlon and Michael joined later playing percussions. In 1966 Michael became the lead singer and in 1968 the group became The Jackson 5.

Jackie was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1970 but chose music instead.

Jackie has been married 3 times and has 4 kids including a set of twins born in 2014.

Katherine is still married to Joe although they do not live together, she lives in California and Jackie lives in Las Vegas.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, courage, compassion, and blessings.

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