Five secrets Revealed in Michael Jackson Searching for Neverland

Five secrets Revealed in Michael Jackson Searching for Neverland 

Michael Jackson was a very private person. But did you know that he once slit his hand while removing a surveillance camera from his hotel room in Washington DC?
Not just this, but many other unknown facts about the King of Pop’s life have been revealed in the two-hour biopic, Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland. MJ’s famous body double, Navi, who was used by Michael himself at certain events, plays the titular role in the film.

Based on the 2014 book, Searching for Neverland written by Jackson’s bodyguards Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, the film gives out intimate details about Jackson’s life including his relationship with his three children. Here are five things we learn about the music icon from the movie:

1.He used to bring his own peanut butter and hot sauce to the movies which he sprayed on the popcorn. He loved bringing his children to movie festivals that screened Charlie Chaplin’s movies.

2.Jackson was okay with fans waiting outside his house to get a glimpse of him and told the police to not push them away.

3.The bodyguards, Bill and Javon couldn’t tell their family about who they worked for because of contractual obligations, which impacted their personal relationships. Bill even missed Christmas celebrations to be with Jackson and his family.

4.He told his bodyguard Bill that he couldn’t afford to do live shows five days a week because it would “kill him”.

5.Jackson used to put masks on his children’s faces to avoid their identities being leaked in public. He would call it a “dress up” challenge and turned it into a game, where he instructed his kids to not tell their real names to people.




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