WATCH Michael Jackson CUTE and FUNNY Moments

WATCH Michael Jackson CUTE and FUNNY Moments  

Michael Jackson: One thing you don´t know about me is how silly I am. Everytime I get in these meetings and everyone is uptight I laugh through the whole thing and I can´t stop giggling and I have to keep apologizing and my lawyer looks at me and says: "I´m sorry. He does this sometimes." Then they start laughing and they all start laughing and so it becomes fun and ligh-hearted, because they look too serious sometimes and I like it to be a little more light-hearted. I can´t help it. I really can´t help it.

"Michael had a childlike sense-of-humor. While in the studio recording our duet "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", he began tossing popcorn in my face in an effort to make me mess-up. Producer Quincy Jones, not seeing this, began to chastise me for flubbing the takes. Michael, on the other hand, was just CRACKING UP! Love you MJ." -  Siedah Garrett


"I think the best way to break the ice with someone you don´t know is to play. You bond quicker through play than any other way. Through shaking hand to usually having a conversation is not as easy as play. I think it´s the best way and I think breaking ice with a good watter ballon fight or running around together, riding bikes, looking at each other, laughing, smiling, it´s the best way to really get to know somebody in the beginning. And they realize that you are just fun and simple and your first association with them is through fun." -Michael Jackson

“He was funny, he had a big laugh, he loved practical joking and I can remember vividly going to Disneyland and going on a ride with him and he wouldn’t let the ride stop and by the end of it I was just absolutely ill. And he thought that was the funniest things he’d ever seen.” -Sheryl Crow 


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