• His Neverland Ranch was, on August 25, 2006, under fire but no structures, including the merry-go-round, caught fire.
  • Made his first ever public appearance since being acquitted of sex-abuse charges in 2005 on May 28, 2006 in Tokyo during which he was slated to accept MTV Japan's "Legend Award". 

  • Has his 1982 album "Thriller" chosen as the 2nd Britain's Favorite Album in the poll conducted by BBC Radio 2 to commemorate the album chart's 50th anniversary (August 2006).
  • Has been sued by the Dinnes Memorial Veterinary Hospital owner, Martin Dinnes, in early January 2006 for unpaid bills of $91,602 as the payment for the maintenance of his pets at Neverland ranch.
  • His "Thriller" music video was voted the Most Memorable Music Video by the viewers of MTV's "The Box" in December 2005. 

  • Has been named the Top Newsmaker of 2005 by US TV show Access Hollywood.
  • Faced a lawsuit placed by Prescient Acquisition Group Inc. which alleged him for owing the company $48 million fee for rescuing his stake in the publishing rights of The Beatles' songs by July 2005.
  • Wrote a special song dedicated for the victim of Katrina Hurricane in 2005. 


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